Love the People, Feed the People of Las Cruces!


Love the People, Feed the People of Las Cruces!

Las Cruces, New Mexico -Nov 1, 2018

Chihuahuan Desert Charities announces a fundraising campaign that ends November 30th, called “Love the People, Feed the People of Las Cruces!” Proceeds will support the DYGUP & SUSTAIN Program at Legacy Farm. DYGUP & SUSTAIN is a volunteer-driven educational program that is experiencing pain points due to their inability to scale up to meet the demands of their successful community service. Funds are needed immediately to invest in farming equipment, more crop seeds, improving curriculum, and to cover labor costs to allow for more supervised time with students. Fully tax-deductible charitable donations can be given on the internet at

Local NPR (KRWG) Kirsten Rodgers reports on the DYGUP & SUSTAIN Program: Listen to students reppin’ about what they have learned.  One student expressed, “I think I’m the most passionate about this because people I didn’t think I would ever be friends with are now my friends because we were able to grow something together.  We were able to get dirty together. We were able to put work in together and not only give back to the school but to the community, and that is great!”

The DYGUP & SUSTAIN Program is a non-profit dedicated to teaching regenerative organic agricultural practices in the Paso del Norte Region. DYGUP, an acronym for Developing Youth from the Ground Up, is available to youth ages 14-17. The SUSTAIN program targets adults over 18 and combines "Roots Of Success" Environmental Literacy Curriculum with intensive farmer training. The DYGUP & SUSTAIN Program has many partnerships in the community. Shahid Mustafa is the Program Director of DYGUP & SUSTAIN and owner of Taylor Hood Farms. Racheal Ryan is the Program Manager of DYGUP & SUSTAIN and owner of Backyard Farms LC. Land and water are donated by First Christian Church. Students at Las Cruces High School may attend the DYGUP program as an elective course. Chihuahuan Desert Charities serves as the fiscal sponsor for DYGUP & SUSTAIN.

The DYGUP & SUSTAIN Program needs your support to overcome barriers to their growth. A program so successful in its mission deserves funding to ensure long-term stability. Invest right away in DYGUP & SUSTAIN on the internet at

Heather Howell, Executive Director
(575) 323-9001