DYGUP is the ultimate youth program, connecting local High School age young adults with soft skills that inspire confidence. They learn how to cultivate food and in the process they cultivate a better understanding of their own purpose and goals. The Sustain program is for adults 18 and up and is a continuation of DYGUP program. Through the Sustain initiative, participants refine their understanding of the local food system and are prepared for job placement opportunities.

Sol y Tierra Growers Cooperative

Economic success is vital for our local community. Sol y Tierra Growers Cooperative is a sustainable business opportunity for their members, where they receive advantages due to the scale of cooperative and in turn can focus on their farming practices. This union of local food growers is a perfect example of how success can be built from the ground up when humans ally with eachother in a common purpose.

Start a Food Co-Op El Paso

El Paso is a large city but there is currently no food cooperative grocery store to ensure access to healthy Organic foods. There is a growing movement to start a food co-op that we are fostering by volunteering to help with organizing, promoting and design.