The Future of Farming

According to the United States Farm Bureau, only 1 in 50 American citizens have any farming experience (2%).  That is why Chihuahuan Desert Charities LOVE to show off our students! Here you see students presenting their regenerative agriculture projects.  They designed and gave a public presentation to demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge during the Community Farm Showcase Day.

Chihuahuan Desert Charities has provided environmental literacy and regenerative farming education in partnership with the DYGUP & Sustain Program in Doña Ana County since 2015. The recent acquisition of a new project site, adjacent to the Las Cruces High School, has allowed for a significant expansion of current programs. The DYGUP & SUSTAIN Program has built a solid relationship with science teacher partners at Las Cruces High School to deliver a quality innovative science education program to traditionally underserved communities including minorities and economically disadvantaged students.

If students are engaged in hands-on learning using a context-inquiry-communication based learning approach focused on regenerative agriculture practices as a context, it facilitates improved STEM learning including increase interest, engagement, and learning in economically disadvantaged students.

The people in the town of Chaparral, New Mexico are hip to the endless benefits of agricultural skills and have "gone back to school".  They are converting their desert landscape to green and productive produce fields. With assistance from New Mexico State University, the community has begun planting extensive gardens.


New Mexico Farm School


Our programs increase students understanding of natural resource preservation, including water and soil.  Increases their interest and enthusiasm towards STEM topics and regenerative agriculture, increased willingness to participate in agriculture and environmental conservation and increased willingness to adopt healthy food practices.

Upon completing the DYGUP & SUSTAIN Program curriculum, students receive certification in regenerative agriculture.  Not only do students receive course credit for participation in the program but teachers have a way to enrich classroom learning.

Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.” -- Thomas Jefferson

The DYGUP & SUSTAIN Program has many partnerships in the community including Taylor Hood Farms, Backyard  Farms LC, First Christian Church, and Las Cruces High-School. Chihuahuan Desert Charities is proud to be the fiscal sponsor for DYGUP & Sustain and support their important work in the Las Cruces community.

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