New Year, New Hope

As we begin a new year, Chihuahuan Desert Charities wanted to first reflect on this past year and some of our accomplishments then moved forward with our feet firmly planted in our goals. The future health and vibrancy of our community are dependent on the sustainability of our local farms, the ones tucked away in our landscape protecting our environment and feeding our families.

Our partnership with Las Cruces High School for the DYGUP Soft Skills Program resulted in hundreds of successful student experiences. DYGUP is so successful at Las Cruces High School, our program is used for positive reinforcement to push students at risk for discipline and academic missteps toward a stable path of achievement through our curriculum.

We partnered with the local First Christian Church nearby the Las Cruces High School campus to provide land for a garden. We hold classes and skills training with students near their school. This partnership eliminated our program’s reliance on transportation.

Organizing with Taylor Hood Farms to support our Sustain Internship Program resulted in the identification of new farm employment opportunities for our program graduates. Our partnership with Taylor Hood Farms allows the effect of our program to extend beyond the internship timeline and provide permanent career options through job placement.

I see a transformation in these students. The teens come into the program having an understanding of how food production impacts the environment, but the hands-on farming experience makes the lesson more comprehensible. The students leave the farm fully grasping how important it is to be a good land steward," said Shahid Mustafa, Program Director.

A highlight for us was Local NPR (KRWG) Kirsten Rodgers reporting on the DYGUP & SUSTAIN Program:  Listen to students reppin’ about what they have learned.  One student expressed, “I think I’m the most passionate about this because people I didn’t think I would ever be friends with are now my friends because we were able to grow something together.  We were able to get dirty together. We were able to put work in together and not only give back to the school but to the community, and that is great!”

When looking forward, as always, we find ourselves inspired by our students and the satisfaction they get from improved confidence and purpose by participation in our annual curriculum for the DYGUP Soft Skills Program.  Our goal is for the entire Las Cruces High School community to enjoy the fruits of their own labor via harvesting from their garden, especially culinary herbs, and fresh vegetables.

We direct great programs for High School Students and Farmers. We have already grown an interest and a passion for our programs and are building more community support every month. Monthly donations help us be prepared to help no matter what happens. What our programs need is a sustainable supporting infrastructure.  Your donations will provide direction, sustainability, and reliability to lock-in a permanent benefit for our local Students and Farmers.

No farms, no food.

With your support, we can continue developing our youth from the ground up by reaching the most vulnerable children with hands-on regenerative agriculture education and healthy food options. Please make a 100% tax-deductible donation today. A better world for our youth starts with you.

It’s a simple fact: A child’s chance for a bright tomorrow starts with getting enough food to eat today and learning how to grow their own food thus investing in their future. You help us keep children healthy every single day

We have a responsibility to the next generation of farmers to give them every opportunity to succeed which in turn will strengthen our community. That’s why creating the next generation of farmers is a main priority of Chihuahuan Desert Charities, but we can’t do it without your help.

Start your New Year by making a difference. Support the DYGUP & SUSTAIN Program at Legacy Farm in Las Cruces by visiting