What It’s All About

As we discuss the future of our food supply, we must look to educating our youth about regenerative organic agriculture.  That is why we are launching our campaign, “Love the People, Feed the People!”  We will receive donations for the purposes of The DYGUP & SUSTAIN Program.  Proceeds will be used to invest in farming equipment, more crop seeds, improving curriculum, and to cover labor costs to allow for more supervised time with students.

The DYGUP & SUSTAIN Program is a non-profit dedicated to regenerative organic agricultural practices to teach the benefits of land stewardship in the Paso del Norte Region.

DYGUP, an acronym for Developing Youth from the Ground Up, is available to youth ages 14-17. The SUSTAIN program targets adults over 18 and combines "Roots Of Success" Environmental Literacy Curriculum with intensive farmer training.

Roots of Success is an empowering environmental literacy and job readiness curriculum that helps young people increase their academic and professional skills, prepare for college and careers, and become leaders who can improve conditions in their communities.

The Sustain program is designed to help develop, and improve work skills and familiarity with business operations. Often our interns are young parents, and young people performing court-ordered community service who need to establish work experience and momentum in their career paths. The life lessons generated by participating in the Sustain program allow these young people to demonstrate leadership and organizational skills, as well as the ability to comprehend, initiate, and execute. The outcome of the Sustain participant will be someone who is able to set goals and chart a career path that will help them stabilize their personal and family finances.

To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves."-- Mahatma Gandhi

The DYGUP/ SUSTAIN Program has many partnerships in the community including Taylor Hood Farms, Backyard  Farms LC, First Christian Church, and Las Cruces High-School. Chihuahuan Desert Charities is proud to be the fiscal sponsor for DYGUP & Sustain and support their important work in the Las Cruces community.

Support the DYGUP & Sustain Program at Legacy Farm in Las Cruces by visiting ChihuahuanDesertCharities.org

No one should have to go hungry in the richest country in the world — yet millions of Americans don't have enough to eat. Our nation's youth should never have to worry where their next meal will come from.

Will you join us?  Come back each day to learn more about this important mission and how YOU can make a difference.  You can help immediately by giving to our “Love the People, Feed the People!” campaign. Donate to Fight Hunger in Las Cruces by clicking here.