First Christian Church

Our DYGP/Sustian program would not be so successful without the major contributions from the First Christian Church of Las Cruces, NM. The church donates the land for Legacy Farm and water near the Las Cruces High School that allows us to operate an Urban Farm in a convenient location with lower overhead costs.

Las Cruces High School

We partnered with the Las Cruces High School to provide their students access to our DYGUP/Sustain program. We currently serve over 100 students per year through our curriculum. The students learn valuable life skills and this partnership is integral to our successful programs.

Taylor Hood Farms

Good community programs start with good people and a good location. Taylor Hood Farms is the embodiment of that statement. The wonderful folks there provide expertise and training to our community. In their fertile soil near the Rio Grande, influential community programs can take root, feeding our youth and local economy with the nourishment that only knowledge, hard work, and self-created opportunity can provide.

Backyard Farms

Following in the long rich agricultural tradition of the Mesilla Valley, Backyard Farms grows a variety of premium quality fruits, vegetables, and herbs along with livestock. They follow the principles of organic farming and sustainable agriculture.  These impressive people encompass a network of small farm plots including urban farming throughout the City of Las Cruces and more traditional farm plots across Doña Ana County in southern New Mexico to produce healthy local food.